Class CrowdingArchive

  extended by jmetal.core.SolutionSet
      extended by jmetal.util.archive.Archive
          extended by jmetal.util.archive.CrowdingArchive
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CrowdingArchive
extends Archive

This class implements a bounded archive based on crowding distances (as defined in NSGA-II).

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
CrowdingArchive(int maxSize, int numberOfObjectives)
Method Summary
 boolean add(Solution solution)
          Adds a Solution to the archive.
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Constructor Detail


public CrowdingArchive(int maxSize,
                       int numberOfObjectives)

maxSize - The maximum size of the archive.
numberOfObjectives - The number of objectives.
Method Detail


public boolean add(Solution solution)
Adds a Solution to the archive. If the Solution is dominated by any member of the archive, then it is discarded. If the Solution dominates some members of the archive, these are removed. If the archive is full and the Solution has to be inserted, the solutions are sorted by crowding distance and the one having the minimum crowding distance value.

add in class SolutionSet
solution - The Solution
true if the Solution has been inserted, false otherwise.