Package jmetal.util

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AdaptiveGrid This class defines an adaptive grid over a SolutionSet as the one used the algorithm PAES.
Configuration This class contain types and constant definitions
Distance This class implements some utilities for calculating distances
DistanceNode This is an auxiliar class for calculating the SPEA2 environmental selection.
DistanceNodeComparator This class implements a Comparator to compare instances of DistanceNode.
ExtractParetoFront This class extract the Pareto front among a set of dominated and non-dominated solutions
FPGAFitness This class implements facilities for calculating the fitness for the FPGA algorithm
MersenneTwisterFast MersenneTwister and MersenneTwisterFast Version 16, based on version MT199937(99/10/29) of the Mersenne Twister algorithm found at The Mersenne Twister Home Page, with the initialization improved using the new 2002/1/26 initialization algorithm By Sean Luke, October 2004.
Neighborhood Class representing neighborhoods for a Solution into a SolutionSet.
NonDominatedSolutionList This class implements an unbound list of non-dominated solutions
NonDominatedSolutionList2 This class implements an unbound list of non-dominated solutions
Permutation Class providing int [] permutations
PermutationUtility Class that provide an int permutation
PropUtils This class provides some utilities for working with properties.
PseudoRandom Class representing a pseudo-random number generator
RandomGenerator This code has been taken from deb NSGA-II implementation The code is available to download from
Ranking This class implements some facilities for ranking solutions.
Spea2Fitness This class implements some facilities for calculating the Spea2 fitness

Exception Summary
JMException jMetal exception class